Thank you for your interest in Early Rise Acres registered dairy goats.  I began raising dairy goats in 2003 when I recieved my first Alpine doe as a 4-H project.  The following year (2004) I added Oberhasli and in 2012 Toggenburgs joined the herd.   The herd is kept relatively small, our focus is on quality rather than quantity.  
      Typically we freshen around 20 does each spring starting in early February.  Buck and doe kids are available as well as some quality milkers.  All kids are removed from their dams at birth.  They are raised on heat-treated colostrum followed by pasteurized milk until weaning.  
      The show string competes both at the local and national level.  We usually attend between 5-8 shows each year, and have had great success in the show ring.  The milking herd is on standard DHI test, milk weights and samples are taken each month.  Milk records are available on each individual doe upon request.  We also participate in Linear Appraisal every other year, it has proven itself to be a valuable breeding tool, and several animals have received high scores over the years.  The latest appraisal scores are as of August 31, 2013.  We strive to produce dairy goats that are healthy, of correct type, and that are productive over a long period of time.  
     Thank you again for visiting our website, and I hope you find something of interest.  We would encourage you to consider an animal from Early Rise Acres as an addition to your herds' breeding program. 
           Korey & Bobbi Jo Statton

Korey & Bobbi Jo Statton
8046 W. Plymouth Church Rd. 
Orfordville, WI 53576